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Are you ready to smash the Mirror?

Are you ready to smash the Mirror?

50% of the world’s population is making a decision to END THINGS.

They are welcoming the end of a story we call the mirror. The mirror is a dramatic subconscious retelling of a traumatic story complete with negative thoughts, false beliefs, and bodily sensations that recreate the experience years and decades after the original trauma occurred.

We are passionate about helping our clients live the happy, healthy, peace-filled life they love. We take them on a journey, and in just 3 days, teach them a method that reframes their story and ends the traumatic patterns that take their peace. As they speak a re-interpreted truth, something wonderful happens. Without effort, they become the full expression of who they are.

Only a fool says to him/herself
"I do not wish to know who I Am"

The Forgiveness Method is based on the work of two forward-thinking psychotherapists who understood the power of forgiveness in the healing and spiritual transformation journey. The work began with Kandis Blakely in the early 1990 and was expanded by Dr. Joan between 2016 and 2023.

The method is grounded in the understanding that spiritual maturity and trauma recovery are fundamentally connected to conscious Christ-like forgiveness.

Most unique to the process is the emphasis placed on the spiritual maturation of the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious self as one embraces forgiveness as a lifestyle.

  • We aim to present to the world a new model for healing the multiple and layered responses human-beings express during the painful moments that greatly challenged them.

  • We are going where no one has gone before and combining knowledge of the conscious, subconscious and superconscious self with the wisdom embedded in Truth, Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

  • We are inviting individuals, families, and communities to learn the Forgiveness Method and experience the gift of presence.

Shift everything in 3 days

The goal of the Forgiveness Method is to help individuals, couples, and families identify and overcome the traumatic responses connected to 3 significant experiences and mentor them through the spiritual awakening process. Movement through this course quickly ends shaming, blaming, criticizing, and judgement, unproductivity, and uncreativity as participants learn to love themselves, God, and all others.

“Truth shifts our thoughts and beliefs. Forgiveness heals. Reconciliation with self and God brings peace and love”

What is the Forgiveness Method?

The Forgiveness Method is our patented psychotherapeutic technique that allows individuals, families, and communities to radically eliminates suffering and heal trauma.

We could have called it something else, but we decided these two words together are simply perfect.

The word forgiveness finds its origin in the Greek word ἄφεσις (Aphesis) which means to send away, let go, release, or grant a pardon.

Many people have a visceral response to the word forgiveness because letting go, for most of us, is an emotional process that requires an acknowledgement of a wrong and a genuine apology.

We all believe the lie that the person we are setting free is the one who wrongs us, but this is where we shift the story.


Knowing Truth


Speaking Truth


Hearing Truth


Our plan is simple: freedom of the body, mind, and spirit!

Who is this for?

You want to give up the self-loathing and learn how to deeply appreciate and accept yourself, grow in confidence and become self-assured.

You want to bless and release a loved one who has died, abandoned or neglected you.

You want to take risks and open the door to new opportunities in business, career, and financial success.

You want your life to be an experience of divine satisfaction filled with aliveness and the presence of God within.

You want to take initiative, create the life you want and to stay true to your personal vision.

You want an energized, purpose-driven, badass life.

You want to see beauty in your body and enhance your body’s ability to heal itself naturally and quickly.

What do you get?

3 days purposefully designed to help you answer the question "who am I?"

A well-paced introduction to 3 methods that transform how you experience, interpret and respond to life.

Multiple opportunities to forgive and release the painful moments of the past.

Multiple opportunities to balance the core beliefs that limit or stagnate your success.

A conscious shift and spiritual awareness that welcomes fearless living.

A toolbox filled with techniques that support your continued self-help Journey.

Freedom from the negative and long-lasting impact of your most traumatic experiences.

Freedom from traumatic responses like depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Connection to a community that continues to support you long after the workshop is complete.

24 credit hours towards our 18-month trauma recovery certificate.

"I finally feel like I'm living. Dr. Joan...something I'm not sure I've ever done. My anxiety no longer consumes every moment of my life. I now know how to be discerning. I was always so clouded by my anxiety and overactive central nervous system that I couldn't tell what was right/wrong, good/bad, helpful/unhelpful. You are doing God's work... you are undoubtedly a conduit through which God reaches those of us who need healing. Thank you is not even close to adequately expressing my gratitude for ALL you have done for me, my children, my health, my life and everyone I come into contact with"

- Paula A.

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