Dr. Joan Speaks with speaks with Jeanine Branch-Capron about her experience with abandonment, loss and death, and her journey to healing


Being left behind by a parent can be a traumatic experience that leaves the child with unanswered questions. Daily, people leave relationships, friendships, and various situations; some leave by choice, abandonment, or even death. This has a significant impact on those left behind, and they may never fully process what happened. How do you keep going and journey towards healing when you are left behind?

In this episode of Hey, I’m listening, Dr. Joan speaks with Jeanine Branch-Capron about her life experience with abandonment, loss, death, and her healing journey.

Jeanine has over 8 years of auditing and financial reporting experience in the Accounting and Insurance industries in the Bahamas. She is passionate about her job and works diligently at finding effective solutions for her clients’ needs. She enjoys building systems from the ground up and assures her best in every venture. Jeanine is a woman fueled by faith and determined to be the person God destined her to be. Her love and commitment to her family give her the push to keep showing up and being the best of herself. She abides by the saying “whatsoever your hands find to do, work at it with all your heart…. your work is a reflection of who you are!”.

What you can expect

Part 1

00:00 Welcome & Introduction

00:48 What drives you to get out of bed every morning?

02:10 The builders in our community

03:15 Jeanine discusses the biggest struggle in her life

04:25 Dealing with being left behind

Part 2

00:07 Dealing with being left behind

00:38 The impact of being left behind through abandonment and death

02:48 How do you undo a wrong belief system created by negative experiences?

04:21 Face to Face with Death

05:07 “Good things come to an end at some point” – Jeanine talks about abandonment and death and the difference in its impact

06:37 The death wish – “Why not me”

07:34 The process to undo the death wish

07:34 Holding on to the past

Part 3

00:07 Effects of not dealing with the loss of a relationship

02:13 The gratitude journal

03:34 Looking like ourselves, what is next for the Black family?

05:42 Prayer for Jeanine

Connect with Jeanine Branch-Capron

IG: https://www.instagram.com/jen_cap08/

Email: jeaninebranch@gmail.com




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