Dr. Joan speaks with Coach Drew about Healing Communications

How do you talk to yourself? 

Coach Drew, a psychotherapist, and Healing Communications coach say “how you speak to yourself when you mess up, is how you speak to others when they mess up.”   

In this powerful conversation, Coach Drew gets personal and talks about a pivotal moment when he discovered he ‘hated” himself. He talks about using journaling and other techniques to migrate from a place of self-hate to a place of self-love. Coach Drew, like so many others who grew up in a Caribbean household, had a difficult time navigating the father-son relationship as well as the many experiences with Black men that made him feel like an 8-year-old boy, who could never measure up.

Listen to a beautiful conversation about growing up, overcoming spiritual anxiety, and recognizing who you really are. Listen to a Black therapist and coach talk about his journey of transformation, how it lead him to write a book about the genuine apology and how that transformation has led him to now focus on the restoration of healing communications in the Black family.  

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